Marketing Your Roofing Company



In a recent article in Roofing Contractor, marketing was described as “continually establishing and re-establishing your business as a member of the community”. The question that this statement brings up is how do you do that? The answer lies in using four steps of customer prospecting: client referrals, professional referrals, passion prospecting and events, and miscellaneous marketing.

Client Referrals

Estimates state that up to 50% of business garnered by contractors comes from client referrals. If previous customers have found value in your services, approaching these former clients may be a way to generate leads. Discuss client referrals with your staff and determine who are the happy customers that you should contact.

Professional Referrals

Professional referrals can consist of a wide swath of individuals and organizations. A builder, who is constructing new homes, might be a source of a lead. As the member of a local Chamber of Commerce, you may find that you are getting business from that organization and its referrals. You may be involved in a veterans’ organization or college alumni association. Both these groups may have members, who are interested in your services.

Passion Prospecting and Events

Passion prospecting asks you to follow your interests and your heart. If hunting and fishing interest you, you might join a rod and gun club. If you’re deeply concerned about your community’s safety, you might decide to become a volunteer fireman. Both these choices could help you and your business become better known.

Events help you further enhance you and your company’s reputation. You might run in a race to raise money for cancer. You might also attend a dinner/dance to fund a scholarship at your local high school. Getting involved in all these activities is how you help “continually establish and re-establish your business as a member of the community”.

Miscellaneous Marketing

Traditionally, roofers have used advertisements in the yellow pages, ads in local papers, brochures and coupon offers. With your target market being Generation X’s and Millenials; you need to focus more on online marketing. You should have an updated web-site, Facebook page, presence on Twitter and endorsements on sites like Angie’s. If you’re not technically savvy, hire a professional to develop these online marketing tools and even manage them.

How do You do it?

  • Step 1: Survey your customers and find out how they heard about your company.
  • Step 2: Assign percentages to the various methods that the customers used.
  • Step 3: Determine which methods gave you the best return on investment (ROI).
  • Step 4: Set aside a specific block of time to do marketing.
  • Step 5: Decide how much time you’ll devote to each type of method.
  • Step 6: Set goals and take action.

Selling Points

Remember that the fact that you are a licensed contractor with insurance is two of your greatest selling points. Your workers’ compensation and general liability, which makes up your roofing insurance, provides your customers with excellent safeguards.