What Customers Want in a Roofing Experience


Customer Wants

The customer roofing experience is driven by five factors: credentials, space, online information/computers, mobile and smart devices and social media. All these things play a strategic part in the decision-making process of a potential client. As a roofing contractor, it’s important for you to utilize all these items in a savvy way to attract new customers, especially Millennials.


Your roofing insurance, which is composed of your general liability and workers’ compensation, constitutes a major part of your credentials as a roofer. Your contractor insurance reassures your client that you can back your workmanship and materials.Your licenses and training form another piece of your credentials as do your experience and expertise.


In the past, space referred to the office of the service provider. Today, with more people on the go, space may refer to your office space, your clients’ or some mutually agreed on meeting place.

However, there may not be any space, in the traditional sense, involved.

Face-to-face (F2F) meetings, which were de rigueur in the past, may not occur if you’re doing business with a Millennial. According to Market Insight Group, Ltd., there are four phases of client interaction options. In phase one; clients most often initiate contact with businesses through F2F (face-to-face) meetings, by phone, by fax, or postal mail.

Online Information/Computers

In phase two and three, online information and computers play a significant role:

Phase Two of Client Interactions:

  • Email-A client may contact you this way to ask questions or get more info.
  • IM(Instant Messaging)-allows your client even quicker access to you and your info.
  • Business Portals-enable clients to get a more in-depth look at your services.
  • Skype-lets your client have a F2F through the computer.

In phase three of client interactions, online content becomes one of the clients’ modes of interaction. Online content can be gathered by a potential customer through your website. That’s why it’s important that you keep your website updated and the content fresh. Also search engines like Google can also provide your client with info about your company. Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by utilizing targeted keywords can give your website a higher place in the search engines.

Smart and Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are defined as any computer weighing less than two pounds. Smart phones, which are hand-held, act like a computer. Key to these devices are mobile apps, which if your company has one, can give you leg up on the competition. These devices and apps play a dominant role in phase three of client interaction options.

Social Media & Twitter

Social media, like Facebook, allow potential customer to get a more personalized look at you and your service and products. If you gather followers in Twitter, they could translate into leads and clients. Neglecting social media can be a serious business mistake in a market, where the largest population is Millennials. Social media and Twitter hold prominent places in phase three of client interaction options.